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"A sugar-free diet increases my energy": Julie

February 18, 2024

Julie used to eat junk food until a car accident led her to gain weight and feel unwell.
That led to her holistic healing journey.

She decided to follow a program that required her to weigh and measure her food, but she didn't really understand why she was doing it, she said.

What inspired her the most was witnessing her mother's transformation with sugar-free and flour-free living. At first, Julie saw it as "strict", but when she saw all the benefits, she also changed her diet to eat foods that give her energy and make her feel her best.

Julie explains how her sugar-free diet clears her channel for energy work and receiving messages, allowing her to better help clients. As a psychic medium, she reports that sugar clouds her abilities and makes sessions more difficult. It's like sugar fogs the messages that she receives.

In this episode, Julie describes how the food we eat can help us numb uncomfortable feelings... or ground us, quieten our anxiety, and allow our energy to flow.

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