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"What I learned in nutrition school just didn't make sense": Lesya

May 28, 2023

Lesya was always on diets when she was growing up.

So she thought: If I become a nutritionist, I'll finally know the secret to how to eat, how to lose weight, and how to keep weight off.

But she was severely disappointed when she graduated. She questioned what she learned in nutrition school because it just didn't make sense to her. So she decided not to become a registered dietitian, and pursued a different career.

She'd tried the traditional "Eat less, move more" to lose her post-baby extra pounds. But that didn't work.
She discovered keto in 2015, and that helped suppress her issues with sugar.

She also started learning things about food that went totally against what she'd been taught in nutrition school. More fat? Even saturated fat?? She was shocked... but it worked! She lost a lot of weight.

But Leysa realized that she was using keto to mask her sugar addiction. She wasn't getting to the root of her issues.

Leysa had to address her underlying reasons for struggling with sugar, desserts, and keto sweeteners. She's an abstainer - she couldn't stop at one bite.

Listen to how Lesya overcame her dependency on sweet foods and how she's found the freedom from sugar that suits her.

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