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"Colon cancer forced me to cut sugar and learn about gut health": Karin

May 7, 2023

Karin was diagnosed with colon cancer after a routine colonoscopy when she was 51 years old, in January 2020.

Yes, she had digestive issues, but this was a shock because she'd always taken care of her health.
Karin decided that this wasn't going to be the end of her. After resection surgery, she was lucky not to need chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Thinking back to when she grew up in the 70s and 80s, Karin remembers that she ate the Standard American Diet, which is full of highly processed foods. But she was generally healthy and slim.

Now Karin says that her body looked healthy on the outside, but it wasn't necessarily healthy on the inside. So she decided to look after her diet.

The first thing she did was to research and educate herself about nutrition and gut health. She started by listening to her body.  

Karin didn't think she ate that much sugar. But all the processed foods she was eating (including condiments like ketchup!) and soda contain hidden sugars and sweeteners and refined seed oils. So she learned to read labels and ingredients lists.

In this episode, Karin shares her empowering message and wealth of knowledge about gut health and the importance of eating whole nutritious foods... which automatically excludes sugar and ultra-processed foods!

Find Karin here and her Health Yeah Life podcast.

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