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"Intermittent fasting helped me change my mindset about food": Martin

February 19, 2023

Martin was lucky enough to have 3 mothers who raised him.
As they came from the Depression, they wanted him to eat to make them happy.
So he did.
And over time, he put on weight.
And he overate, especially desserts.

Martin recognizes that he had an emotional connection to food.
As a businessman, he decided to approach his weight and health as if he was the CEO of a business.

He identified 14 problems in his life (half of them about food), and set out to find solutions for them.

One solution that Martin came across was intermittent fasting. It made total sense to him.

In this episode, Martin tells how he identified and prioritized his problems, and he shares the affirmations he created for his life.  His tiny habit changes led to slow but sustainable weight loss and a complete transformation of his mind, body and spirit.

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