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"You can't rely on willpower to control cravings": Jenn

December 4, 2022

Jenn Trepek's passion for nutrition and helping others stems from kicking her own food issues and weight management.

As a kid, she ate lot of vegetables... but she also consumed lots of bread, chips, pasta... and soda!
As she got older, Jenn noticed conversations around cholesterol and weight for her dad, but she didn't question it. Her family followed the food pyramids (with grains as its base) and the general diet culture.

Jenn used to dance, but when she stopped, she started to gain weight. She tried all the fad diets, but she kept gaining and losing pounds.

It was only when she started educating herself on accurate human biology that Jenn set out on a mission to share what we aren't generally taught about nutrition... and about listening to and understanding our body's signals.

In this episode, Jenn and I talk about willpower. She describes willpower as a finite resource that's like a cup that easily emptied by all the decisions we need to make every day.

Our "willpower cup" is quickly depleted. But we try to use willpower to eat less... to fight cravings... to resist sugary foods... and we think we have no willpower! But we do - it's just been used up by stress, multitasking, poor sleep, PMS, etc. So willpower is pretty much useless when you're having a craving.

In this episode, Jenn tells how we can replenish our "willpower cup", and what to eat to prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes... and cravings!

Now Jenn is an optimal health coach, podcaster, and business consultant. Find Jenn and her fantastic podcast "Salad With a Side of Fries" here:

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