Listen to episode 83:
"The better I feel, the more I want to feel good": Barbi

August 14, 2022

Barbi has a special place in my heart.

Early in 2022, she followed my step-by-step process over 6 weeks to let go of sugar.
We really dove deep into her relationship with sugar, and as you'll hear, Barbi made huge strides in her awareness of her relationship with sugar over a short period of time.

Barbi signed up because she was ready and committed to get to the heart of her attraction to sugary foods. She wanted to be healthier, lose weight, be comfortable in her clothes, stop being a homebody, reduce her medications, make her intermittent fasting easier, and change her behaviour... and her mindset!

She realized that changing not just her behaviour with sweet foods and drinks but her relationship with them was the key. Barbi wanted to feel good!

But she needed help, support, and accountability.

Listen to Barbi's inspiring story in this episode. It includes her growing awareness, her ups and downs, her new habits, and her amazing and touching breakup letter to sugar.

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