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Listener question: What do you eat in a day?

April 17, 2022

"Netta, what do you eat in a day?"

In this episode, I give you the answer, as well as examples of my meals.

When I first cut sugar and flour back in 2015, I was given a list of whole foods to help me. I realized that I didn't really know what "whole foods" were, and that my whole definition of "food" needed to change.
So I started reading. I read dozens of books. Not just about sugar, but about how the food industry has got us consumers believing that their manufactured and engineered "products" are food... and that food can only be "fun" if it has sugar in it!

In this episode, I share author Robb Wolf's "food matrix" where he gives a simple way of creating hundreds (even thousands!) of combinations with unprocessed proteins, fats, vegetables, and herbs and spices.

I use his approach to make my family meals, so that I never run out of ideas. When I took sweet and starchy foods off my plate in 2015, the strangest thing happened: I realized that I wasn't getting hungry as often. That's why intermittent fasting came easily and naturally for me.

I hope this episode helps to inspire you that real foods are anything but "boring" or repetitive, and that eating yummy nutritious meals fits perfectly with an intermittent fasting lifestyle.

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