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"If it's good for Netta, I'll give it a try": Marcia (my mum!)

March 27, 2022

Today's episode is a tribute to my lovely mum, Marcia, especially as it's Mother's Day in the UK (March 27, 2022).

My mum's in her mid-70s and she tells how in 2015 when I first told her that I'd cut sugar and flour and how great I was feeling, it piqued her interest to try it too!

She'd been struggling with several health issues, and even though she recognized that eating less sugar made sense, the idea of cutting flour-based foods like bread, pastries and muesli was amazing to her. She says that she thought she was healthy, but she didn't feel it in her body.

So she asked me to send her some info, which I did and which she read. And then she decided to give it a try!

Listen to my mum's amazing discoveries and transformation in her health when she cut sugar and "stodge" (bread, pasta, pastries, rice, puddings). Not only did her digestion improve, but she had more energy and she never felt hungry. She lost the extra pounds that were making her uncomfortable, learned to navigate her way gracefully in social situations and on trips, and generally felt better!

Even if we live thousands of miles apart, "Life After Sugar" has brought us closer. My mum helps me with the tech side of my website too.
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