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"I wanted to get to the heart of my problem with sugar": Debbie

January 16, 2022

This week's episode is a sneak peek into our regular support calls, which I call "check-in calls".
These calls allows participants to share their challenges, their wins and their aha! moments and get all the empathetic support, encouragement and accountability they need. This is where we have real, personal interactions in a safe environment.

We go way deeper than just talking about food and sugar.

Debbie joined the Life After Sugar Program after she'd tried keto, and she knew that she had to get to the heart of her problem with sugar. With her permission, I'm sharing one of her big wins during this call.

Veronica also shares her experience with mindless snacking and becoming more mindful and aware.

And Ellen shares about what attracted her to the program, even though she already has a science background. Spolier alert: it was all the info about gut health and the microbiome. She  was also looking to change her habits and to her surprise, she discovered what made her cravings disappear!

Want to start living your craving-free life with confidence TODAY?

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