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"I just can't have sugar in the house": Jen

January 2, 2022

Dr. Jen Unwin is a clinical psychologist and a self-confessed lifelong carbohydrate addict. She's the author of Fork in the Road.

In this episode, she tells her own personal story about her addiction to sugar and all processed carbs. From her early childhood, through her teens and into adulthood, Jen had a love-hate relationship with food, especially sugar. Her mother was always on a diet and Jen herself started dieting at about age 16. She tried all the fad diets - all of them!

That set off an up-and-down cycle with her weight. She followed the popular advice to eat "everything in moderation", not realizing that she has the sort of brain that can't moderate certain foods (ie: refined carbs like sugar and flour).

This went on until her early 40s, when she stumbled across a book called "Escape The Diet Trap", which was basically about low carb eating.

Jen tells how her whole world changed after that, and how she now helps people who suffer with food addiction. As a medical professional, she understands food and sugar addiction because she's been there.

After working for over 30 years in the NHS, Jen now spends her time researching, campaigning and writing about sugar addiction. She is a founding member of the Public Health Collaboration, a UK charity campaigning for better public health advice.

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